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5 Steps To Conserve Water During the Summer Heat - Water Leak Prevention

Summer in Tulsa brings not only warmth and sunshine but also the challenge of conserving water amidst the heat. As temperatures rise, our water consumption typically follows suit. By using some easy tips, you can use less water, saving money and helping the environment. Here are five effective steps to help you conserve water during the summer heat.

Here are 5 Steps to Conserve Water:

1. Optimize Your Irrigation System

Your lawn and garden can be major water guzzlers, especially during the hot summer months. To minimize water waste, ensure your irrigation system is functioning efficiently:

  • Check for Leaks: Regularly inspect your irrigation system for leaks or broken sprinkler heads. Even a small leak can waste a significant amount of water over time. Call Spot On Plumbing of Tulsa Plumbers for all your plumbing emergency needs.

  • Adjust Sprinkler Heads: Make sure your sprinkler heads are watering your plants and lawn, not the sidewalk or driveway.

  • Water Early or Late: Water your garden in the early morning or late evening when temperatures are cooler. This allows more water to reach the roots of your plants.

2. Embrace Native Plants and Xeriscaping

Tulsa's native plants adapt to the local climate and typically need less water and maintenance. Consider incorporating these into your landscaping:

  • Choose Drought-Resistant Plants: Native plants like coneflowers, black-eyed Susans, and Oklahoma roses are beautiful and resilient. They grow with minimal water once established.

  • Use Mulch: Laying mulch around your plants assists in maintaining soil moisture and reduces the need for more watering.

  • Sort plants by how much water they need. This helps avoid

  • giving too much water and ensures each plant gets the right amount.

3. Collect and Reuse Rainwater

Rainwater harvesting is an excellent way to conserve water and reduce your utility bills:

  • Install Rain Barrels: Place rain barrels under your downspouts to collect and store rainwater. You can use this water to irrigate your garden or wash your car.

  • Use Rain Gardens: Design a rain garden to capture and absorb runoff from your roof, driveway, and other hard surfaces. Rain gardens are not only functional but also add beauty to your landscape.

4. Upgrade to Water-Efficient Fixtures

Even a minor leak can lead to a considerable water loss in the long run. Inside your home, simple upgrades can make a significant impact on your water consumption:

  • Low-Flow Fixtures: Install low-flow showerheads, faucets, and toilets to reduce water usage without sacrificing performance.

  • Fix Leaks Promptly: A dripping faucet or running toilet can waste a surprising amount of water. Address these issues as soon as you notice them.

  • Efficient Appliances: When it's time to replace appliances, choose water-efficient models. Look for the WaterSense label to ensure you're making a water-saving choice. Our Plumbing Pros can help you decide what Faucets are best for you and your home. We make Faucet Installation fast and easy.

5. Practice Smart Watering Habits

Changing a few daily habits can lead to substantial water savings:

  • Shorten Showers: Aim to keep your showers under five minutes. Consider using a timer to help you stay on track.

  • Turn Off the Tap: Don’t let the water run while brushing your teeth, shaving, or washing dishes.

Full Loads Only: Run your dishwasher and washing machine only when you have full loads. This maximizes the efficiency of each cycle.

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What You Can Do Today!

Tulsa homeowners can save water during the hot summer months by following these five steps. These practices save water, money, and help sustain our water resources. Let's work together to ensure a greener, more water-efficient Tulsa!